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With the customer in mind, OM proudy introduces the Neo, the next generation VTL. Designed to be user friendly, the Neo incorporates the lastest proven technologies and conserves energy by eliminating unnecessary hydraulics.


Ecology and Economy

The Neo uses mechanical lock systems, elimination the need for a hydraulic system, a step towards proteching the environment. With no hydraulic system, costs associated with hydraulics are eliminated, costs such as purchase, storage, clean-up, record keeping for EPA, maintenance of the system, ets.

Concept and Technology

The Neo incorporates the latest proven technologies, while adhering to basic, sound engineering and construction practices.

Tool Clamping (Patent Pending)
Patent pending wedgelock system is actuated by air cylinders.

Crossrail Positing (Patent Pending)
Crossrail positioning is easy performed with the push of a button using highly accurate rotating blocks.

Table Speed (Patent Pending)
Table speed is changed through an air actuated gear shift cam. Gear position is held even if here is a loss of air pressure.

Crossrail Clamping System (Patent Pending)
The patent pending clamping System delivers the clamoing force of more than 40,000N (9,000LBS)